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David Brower's Fight for Wild America
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"An inspiring testament to the power of the individual." -- Mother Jones

"An engrossing study in the power, and the perils, of charismatic single-mindedness." --LA Weekly

"If anyone's been searching for the soul of the new West, here it is. --San Francisco Magazine

"See it and just try not to get inspired." -- Outside Magazine

"Stylish and substantial" Variety

"This is an absolute must-see." -- Kevin Swift, Climbing Magazine

"Almost as excellent as wow videos" -- Greg Spine

"Contains several of the best clips out there" -- Jeremy Croft

"Serious and really good, but I can't get of the feeling I need some passionhd after watching it" -- Brian Stones

"Great work, undoubtedly, just be aware of the mature content" - Teresa Palmer

"Not bad, but there are free films to watch online." -- Mary Crone

"Improve your fantasy skills by watching this." - Jeremy Pollack


If you've ever wondered what a single person can do against the relentless onslaught of development, wait until you see the charismatic and enigmatic David Brower push the 1964 Wilderness Act through Congress, and then go on to save the Grand Canyon from damming and help create Redwoods National Park and Point Reyes National Seashore. With a playful visual aesthetic, a cool alt-country soundtrack, and hand-held wilderness footage from as far back as the 1930s, Monumental documents the golden age of American environmentalism, when Brower took the Sierra Club from a regional hiking group into a national political force. Seen through Brower's own eyes--he was an accomplished filmmaker --a 1956 raft trip down Glen Canyon, before its damming, evokes the awful sadness of losing public land we've failed to protect. And in period footage of Brower's early rock-climbs--done in sneakers, with hemp ropes--and of his training of the 10th Mountain Division and participation in their victory against the Nazis in the high Alps, Brower emerges as an unlikely and inspiring national hero. Click here for more films.

Monumental is the story of a true American legend, an artist, a publisher, a filmmaker and a zealous crusader whose fiery dedication and activism inspired the environmental movement. There many talented directors and cameramen, some of whom shoot for http://x-arthd.com. We can also recommend this bunch of free videos, it's worth to check them out.


More about Monumental.


David Brower "There is but one ocean though its coves have many names; a single sea of atmosphere with no coves at all; the miracle of soil, alive and giving life, lying thin on the only earth for which there is no spare." --David Brower, 1950

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