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The Bands
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The Beachwood Sparks (Sub Pop Records)
Up from the beaches and down from the canyons comes Beachwood Sparks with a sound that could only be created by those who have spent their lives under the California sun. This is music from the heart, carried on a desert wind to all the starving souls out there. With an honesty and earnestness uncharacteristic of these irony-laden times, Beachwood Sparks picks up where the Flying Burrito Brothers and Buffalo Springfield left off. But make no mistake, this isn't an echo of yesteryear so much as a new voice well-versed in the ways of the past.

Fruit Bats (Perishable Records AND Sub Pop Records)
Fruit Bats play beautiful, heart-felt music in an age that resists beautiful, heart-felt music. Call them love songs dedicated to Ma Nature, primal lullabies, folk-pop gems (with an increasing emphasis on pop). It's music for dreamers, amateur zoologists, closet hippies, record geeks, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters alike. It's music for all sorts, or, at least, the curious soul in everyone. So there you have it. Now, go listen to Fruit Bats and make up your own mind.

The American Analog Set (Tiger Style Records)
"Summer's Most Infectious Single...This indie-rock band just released 'Promise of Love', a delectable album in which the songs rest lightly on pared-down grooves. The instrumental passages are meticulous without being fussy; it sounds like so much casual strumming, until you notice how neatly the guitar and bass and keyboard interlock. By the time Andrew Kenny's sighing vocals come in, you may have forgotten you were waiting for them." --Kelefa Sanneh, THE NEW YORK TIMES

FCS North (Pacifico Recordings)
"A vocabulary is the basis of a language," answers Andy. Over the past years, FCS North has been expanding and refining its sound. Elements of dancehall, house, 2step, punk, and ambient soundscapes pushed with polyrhythms, time and tempo changes, layered instrumentation, and solid grooves. Jazz.

Hayden (Hardwood Records)
Hayden's songs seem to come from the same dry landscape as Neil Young's most spindly acoustic forays. The melodies have a brittle beauty; his voice shakes with cowed feeling. Since the mid 1990s, Toronto native Hayden Desser has been putting out low-fi folk-rock albums under hid first name. While Hayden has had major label dalliances, most of his music has come out on indie imprints. It's drawn a small but rabid cult. Hayden's latest CD, "Elk-Lake Serenade", contains some of his most gorgeously fragile tunes and sensitively remote vocals. - New York Daily News July 2004

American Music Club
After a 10-year hiatus, AMERICAN MUSIC CLUB is back together. In fact, the band is set to release a collection of AMC songs recorded between 1984-1995 consisting of album tracks, b-sides, unreleased demos, and rare live tracks on March 1, 2004 and are currently working in San Francisco at Closer Recording Studios on a brand new AMC album. Forming in San Francisco back in 1983, Mark Eitzel, Vudi and Pearson began by synthesizing their love for rock, country, blues, folk, pop and punk, featuring Eitzel's enigmatic presence, heartfelt vocals and brilliant songwriting. Songs often became an unpredictable wedding between their free-form jazz tendencies and Eitzel's down beat poetics, eventually landing him Best Songwriter accolades in the Rolling Stone Critics Poll, not to mention a Hot Band pick from the same

Kingsbury Manx (Overcoat Records)

Scientific American (Slabco Records)

The Songs

A Dodo Egg (Song)
Echolocation (Album)
Fruit Bats (Band)
Courtesy of Perishable Record

Buffalo and Deer (Song)
Echolocation (Album)
Fruit Bats (Band)
Courtesy of Perishable Records

Untitled (Song)
FCS North(Album)
FCS North (Band)
Courtesy of Pacifico Recordings

The Reminder (Song)
Beachwood Sparks (Album)
Beachwood Sparks (Band)
Courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Lands End (Song)
Marc Capelle & Monte Vallier
American Music Club with Marika Hughes

Slow Company (Song)
Know by Heart (Album)
The American Analog Set (Band)
Courtesy of Tiger Style Records

Saints of Inifnity Part 1 (Song)
Saints of Inifnity (Album)
Sientific American (Band)
Courtesy of Slabco Records

Dynamite Walls (Song)
Written and performed by Hayden (Artist)
Courtesy of Hardwood Records

The Calming Seas (Song)
Beachwood Sparks (Album)
Beachwood Sparks (Band)
Courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Sun Set Low (Song)
Sientific American (Band)

Canyon Ride (Song)
Beachwood Sparks (Album)
Beachwood Sparks (Artist)
Courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Lazy Eye (Song)
Mouthfuls (Album)
Fruit Bats (Band)
Courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Ride Home (song)
Written and performed by Ken Murphy (Artist)

Need it just a little (Song)
Echolocation (Album)
Fruit Bats (Band)
Courtesy of Perishable Records

Coal Age (Song)
Echolocation (Album)
Fruit Bats (Band)
Courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Rainbow Sign (Song)
Mouthfuls (Album)
Fruit Bats (Band)
Courtesy of Sub Pop Records

Union blanket (Song)
Mouthfuls (Band)
Fruit Bats (Artist)
Courtesy Sub Pop Records

Green Arrow (Song)
I Can Hear the heart Beating as One (Album)
Yo La Tengo (Band)
Courtesy of Matador Records

Rock to Dollar (Song)
Sientific America (Band)

Piss Diary (Song)
The Kingsbury Manx (Album)
The Kingsbury Manx (Band)
Courtesy of Overcoat Recording

You Take the gold (Song)
Once We Were Trees (Album)
Beachwood Sparks (Band)
Courtesy of Sub Pop records


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